Southwest Summer Corn Chowder

I love so much of the produce in the summer... Berries, stone fruit, fresh veggies... But the summer corn might just be my favorite! The corn I saw this week was huge and beautiful! I tried to take it home by the armful, but restrained myself and only took home 8 ears. Mind you, there's... Continue Reading →

Southwest Steak Chopped Salad

We eat massive salads for dinner many nights. We never share them, because usually they're not all that organized - it's usually a look in the fridge, pull out some vegetables, and top them with a protein kind of adventure. Since it's Monday and the beginning of the week, we were a little more coordinated.... Continue Reading →

Southwest Baked Frittata

Today during class, I turned to my friend, rattled off the random ingredients in my fridge, and asked her to tell me what I should make for dinner. To her credit, she immediately answered with great ideas! (I would've been like, "Uhhh... good luck with your dilemma there bud...") So thanks Victoria for the idea... Continue Reading →

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