Culinary Bucket List

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We frequently talk about all the cool food-related things we’d love to do some day… but we never thought to write them down! Here’s to hoping that writing out this list will encourage us to actually accomplish some of these things! {You have to have a list before you can cross things off of it…}

  1. Eat at a Michelin 1, 2, and 3 star restaurant.

    • We’ve crossed a 1 star restaurant off the list with Metamorfosi in Rome, Italy. If this is what gets you 1 star, we may die of sheer bliss at the 2 and 3 starred places.
  2. Host a formal dinner party.

  3. Make soup dumplings from scratch.

  4. Taste wine in the following places:

    • Bordeaux, France

    • Burgundy, France

    • Tuscany, Italy

    • Napa Valley, USA

  5. Prepare an entire Thanksgiving feast.

  6. Stop buying pasta. Make it from scratch.

  7. Shuck our own oysters.

    Selim’s got it figured out!
  8. Conquer my great-grandmother’s famous Sour Beef recipe.

  9. Figure out how the Italians’ make pasta cacio e pepe a million times better than we can. Also, master that twirling the pasta at the table trick.

    • Still haven’t quite figured out the twirling of the pasta, but the recipe is pretty good – Cacio e Pepe
  10. Host a vertical wine tasting with friends.

  11. Grow our own herbs and actually use them.

    Our little apartment balcony herb garden in its infancy back in 2017.
  12. Make ice cream at home.

  13. Eat a lobster roll in Maine.

    The Lobster Shack at Two Lights
  14. Bake homemade donuts.

  15. Bake homemade bagels.

  16. Bake homemade soft pretzels.

  17. Bake challah.

    • Not as hard as I thought! Challah
  18. And naan.

  19. Sample street food everywhere we go around the world! (Also, go everywhere around the world!)

    • Simit & roasted chestnuts in Istanbul
    • Pizza al taglio in Rome
  20.  Flambé something.

  21. Perfectly sear scallops.

  22. Roast a goose.

  23. And a duck.

  24. Have a signature dish.

  25. Make churros.

  26. Hand roll dolmas.

  27. Hand roll sushi.

  28. Make the trifecta of Chinese soups: Wonton, Hot & Sour, and Egg Drop.

  29. Celebrate world-wide holidays with traditional foods.

  30. Also, celebrate random food-related holidays.

  31. Make our own sausage at home.

  32. Embrace baking.

  33. Make traditional Turkish manti.

  34. Copy Selim’s dad’s spaetzle.

  35. Become such frequent patrons of a restaurant that staff greets us by name.

    • Does takeout count? We became pandemic life takeout regulars at Billy Pie.
  36. Make baklava from scratch.

  37. Continue to make and share family recipes.

  38. Join a local farm and/or frequent the local farmers’ markets and create dishes based on what’s local & seasonal.

  39. Stop avoiding recipes out of fear of failure.

  40. Cook with new-to-us ingredients!

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