Good Riddance 2020

Every year, we write a round-up of our culinary adventures on this blog, looking back over the past year. We all know, 2020 was pretty much the worst. That reflected on the blog too. Bogged down by everything else that was going on, we didn’t cook as much as we wanted to, and we certainly blogged the least this year as compared to any other year since we started. Cooking is always fun for us though, and there were a few times this past year where we allowed ourselves to use food and cooking to lift our spirits, or to at least give us something else on which to focus. Honestly, I wish we had done that more, because when we did, it usually worked! We made a gorgeous pavlova around Easter, we honored Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death with Seven Vegetable Couscous, we created our first at home Thanksgiving feast, and we went Puerto Rican with our Christmas dinner. And as usual, I’m still proud that we’ve kept up with our little corner of the food blogging world for another year.

In true 2020 fashion, we had takeout for New Year’s Eve dinner this year. We turned to our favorite, which we’ve been eating at least a few times a month throughout this year, so it seemed fitting. Billy Pie is a great neighborhood spot, with amazing wood-fired pizzas. The menu is fairly small, but ALL of their food is delicious. Our NYE dinner included two pizzas, the burrata (which is always accompanied by an ever-changing, interesting salad for topping), and two cream puffs! We paired this with a King Family Vineyard brut, because we’re fancy and it’s New Year’s Eve!

So, as per usual, we’re going to share some favorites, fun facts, and statistics from the past year of the blog. We love taking a peek at our stats; it’s always surprising to us that people actually read this from time to time!

2020 Year in Review

Favorite Dishes of the Year:

♥ Ally: Turkish Manti, Caramelized Onions & Sweet Potato Enfrijoladas, & Eggplant & Mango Soba Noodles

♥ Selim: Crispy Duck Legs, Cream Biscuits, & Banana Chip Muffins


♥ 7,298 unique visitors!

Nationalities of Visitors:

♥ US, Canada, UK, Australia, China, Netherlands, Germany, Turkey, Singapore, South Africa, France, India, New Zealand, Poland, Spain, Ireland, Belgium, Sweden, Colombia, United Arab Emirates, Philippines, Austria, Malaysia, Kuwait, Norway, Israel, Denmark, Thailand, Mexico, Iceland, Indonesia, Uganda, Guatemala, Italy, Cyprus, Slovakia, Hong Kong, Jamaica, Romania, Bahrain, Brazil, Lebanon, Croatia, Serbia, Malta, Greece, Argentina, Switzerland, Panama, Egypt, Japan, Bulgaria, Qatar, Jordan, Russia, Honduras, Hungary, Finland, Czech Republic, Saudi Arabia, Timor-Leste, Portugal, Costa Rica, Bahamas, South Korea, Kenya, Slovenia, Lithuania, Algeria, Morocco, Aruba, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Armenia, Curacao, Chile, Iraq, Peru, Vietnam, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Nepal, and Laos!

Most Viewed Posts: 

  1. Bay Scallop Risotto – taking first prize once again
  2. Bacon Jam
  3. Roasted Patatas Bravas
  4. White Wine Poached Shrimp
  5. Scalloped Potatoes

Number of Bucket List Items Checked Off: only 1, whoops! But we did add to 5 more. We’ll work on this for next year!

Cuisines Sampled: Puerto Rican, Chinese, Mexican, Native American, Jewish, Turkish

Favorite Cookbook:

♥ Stir-Frying to the Sky’s Edge, by Grace Young

Goals for Next Year:

  • Continue participating in the Cookbook Club
  • Work on the Culinary Bucket List
  • Finally share Selim’s chocolate chip cookie recipe (been saying this for years…)
  • Continue to celebrate worldwide holidays and sample cuisines of the world
  • Work on our newfound wok-ing skills
  • Incorporate more meatless meals into our routine
  • Hopefully, finally get back to eating in restaurants and traveling!! (And never take it for granted again!)

Welcome 2021!!

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