Maine 2021

We haven’t had a travel post in a really long, well, because we haven’t gone anywhere in a long time! Thanks global pandemic. Remember back in March of 2020, when there were a few days where no one knew what to do or what was going to happen? It seemed like this coronavirus thing might be bad, but no one wanted to be the first person or government to shut everything down… Well, we were supposed to be going to Turkey then, to introduce our then-infant to her family there. Over a few weeks time, we went from, “Yes, we’re definitely still going,” to “I mean, it’ll probably be ok right?,” to “I think we can get there, but what if we can’t get back home?,” to “we better cancel everything.” And we haven’t really had a big trip since! We initially rescheduled that trip to Turkey to the fall of 2020 (we were so naive…) and then re-rescheduled it to the fall of 2021. Both adults in our family are vaccinated, but the toddler obviously is not yet, so we still didn’t think international travel with the best idea yet. So we changed plans again – and picked Maine!

Maine was the perfect choice for us, as we could essentially keep the whole trip outdoors, including eating, in early fall there, we have lovely friends in Portland, and Acadia National Park has been on the top of my list to visit for a long time. As with previous travel posts, this isn’t an exhaustive run-down of the local spots, or an in-depth review of any restaurant, but just a few photos and memories!

Clam and shrimp rolls (and chicken tenders) at Seafood Ketch in Bass Harbor
Downeast Deli makes huge and delicious sandwiches to take to-go. Perfect for park picnics!
Jing Yan in Portland provided us with the best ramen we’ve had in years
We’ve been thinking about Empire Chinese Kitchen for years. We had it on our first trip to Portland several years ago. Dim sum experience was diminished slightly by takeout life, but still amazing! The soup dumplings are heavenly!

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