Adieu 2022

Well. 2022 wins the superlative of the year we shared BY FAR the fewest blog posts. The 2021 roundup is still on the front page of the blog… Whoops! In addition to being very busy with the rest of our lives, we’ve also become a lot more picky with the recipe we save and share here. But on the bright side, that means we really love the ones from this year!

2022 Year in Review

Favorite Dishes of the Year:

♥ Ally: Brown Butter Turnips – I make these pretty much weekly from late summer through fall. And sometime just eat an entire pan as my meal

♥ Selim: Elotes Italianos – anything with truffle salt is a winner!


♥ 7,806 unique visitors


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Most Viewed Posts: 

  1. Kofta & Potatoes in Tahini Sauce
  2. Bay Scallop Risotto (first time ever not being in first place!)
  3. Classic Beef & Broccoli
  4. Lemon Chickpea Salad (Balilah)
  5. Scalloped Potatoes

Most Viewed Post from 2022: Honey Roasted Carrots with Feta & Pistachio

Cuisines Sampled: Ukrainian

Favorite Cookbook: Kenji Lopez Alt’s The Wok

Goals for Next Year:

  • Blog a little more frequently than this year!
  • Work on the Culinary Bucket List
  • Use as many fresh/local/seasonal ingredients as possible
  • Continue to celebrate worldwide holidays and sample cuisines of the world
  • Hopefully return to traveling (and eating while traveling!)
    • (We have plans to go to Italy & Turkey this year!!!)

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